Decorative patina and surface finishing

We create individual and characteristic surfaces.

Our passion is to create the perfect surface. You alone decide which design is ideal for your project. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities. In doing so, we draw on our many years of experience in the patination and finishing of metallic surfaces.

Expressive patina for profiled sheets

The finishing and patination of profiled sheets is our key competence. We use traditional techniques to create the perfect patina.

Patinated profiled sheets can be used in a variety of ways. In interior design, they are used as wall panelling or panels, ceiling panelling, flooring or counters.

Our experience and excellent networking help us to manufacture custom-made products for you.

Simply provide us with the sheets for your project. Alternatively, you can commission us to manufacture or procure the appropriate base material.

In addition to sheet metal, we also patinate intricate objects.

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The ideal surface for every shape and every room

Only the perfect design of the surface fully accentuates the shape. A flawless surface emphasises simple and functional shapes, while textured and artfully designed surfaces add variety and attract attention.

Artistically designed surfaces are particularly well suited as independent architectural elements. They give each room its own touch. Simple but perfectly finished surfaces match sophisticated room concepts and discreetly emphasise the effect of rooms.

High-quality furnishings with patinated brass

Brass has a tradition in the prestigious room interior. Formerly, wind and weather and countless touching created the coveted patina. Today, patinated brass enhances sophisticatedly designed rooms as the material provides its own aesthetic appeal especially in a modern environment.

We work with different grinding and polishing techniques as well as patination and coating methods in our workshops. The surfaces can be specifically and individually finished with structures and colour nuances.

Patinated brass can be found in the displays of fashion houses, as wall, ceiling and floor panels, on doors, portals and facades. As a floor panel, the material impresses in innovative spatial concepts in which the traces of use are not concealed, but actually accentuated.

Patinated steel for that special accent

Artistic accents can be set with patinated profiled sheets. In our workshops, we have developed a unique material for this purpose: patinated steel. Its exceptional aesthetic qualities are perfect for projects with high design standards.

The surface is patinated according to old techniques. The oxides that are created develop colours from rusty red to dark green.

Each of the finished profiled sheets resembles an individual work of art with three-dimensional structures in warm tone scales. And chance makes it one of a kind.

Artfully designed wall panels serve as a magnetic board and work of art at the same time. They are mounted on a slide rail and can be flexibly adjusted.

With patinated steel panels, every conference room and foyer is transformed into a place with a special flair.


Whether you are looking for subtle and immaculately finished high-quality surfaces or textured surfaces with expressive patina, we offer a wide selection. Of course, to make your decision easier, we can provide samples for your project.

Contact us and ask for your individual sample.