Graphic surface finishing

We put your design in the right light.

We skilfully draw attention to your design on metallic surfaces. Our strengths lie in creating finely crafted contours. At your request, we introduce graphic elements on the finished, patinated surfaces of various metals. There are (almost) no limits to the imagination.

The enormous spectrum of conceivable applications ranges from elaborate ornamentation to pictograms for the functional assignment of keys.

We are familiar with numerous techniques for finishing bronze, brass, aluminium or steel according to your design.

Patinated brass plates are an excellent choice as a signpost and business card for companies, practices or boutiques.

Individually designed brass signs are very popular. The finished surfaces are sealed with a weather-resistant coating, making them suitable for outdoor use.

Untreated surfaces can be considered if the oxidation process is desired and the natural patina should develop over time.

Attract attention with your brass sign

You design your sign, we will manufacture it.

Patinated brass surfaces are ideal for graphic processing – provided one has the appropriate finesse.

We can create templates from vector graphics that you design or commission.

Even with photos, we achieve brilliant results in high resolution.

You provide the idea, we will implement it.

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