Facade construction and architecture

Doors, windows, screens and high-quality facade elements made of bronze

Strassacker Project is your competent partner for extraordinary architectural projects. Ever since it was founded in 2011, Strassacker Project has been involved in facade construction in several prestigious architectural projects. Among the most famous projects are the extension of the largest and most significant mosque in Mecca and the new Orthodox National Cathedral in Romania.

Strassacker Project brings together expertise in the fields of engineering, programming, design, non-ferrous metalworking and architecture under one roof. This mixture guarantees the highest quality in the planning, development, construction and production of orders. Whether it be automatic door and window systems as well as screens in special sizes, movable skylight domes or earthquake-proof roof crosses, Strassacker Project will find customised solutions for your project.

Do you have any wishes or ideas for high-quality facade elements to make your building unique?

We are open to new projects and challenges. When it comes to implementing your ideas, we can actively support you as well as offer advice.

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Doors, windows and screens in special sizes

Strassacker Project offers a wide range of bronze doors, screens and windows for manual and automatic operation. The combination of heavy bronze elements and smooth door technology creates an unforgettable impression at first contact.

Strassacker Project attaches great importance to the successful combination of design, function and safety. The weight of bronze elements imposes special demands on the construction and static calculation. Our engineers and product designers solve this challenge with innovative concepts in compliance with the highest safety standards.


Automatic systems are also programmed by Strassacker Project. Automatic processes are individually tailored to the needs of our customers and the safety requirements.

Finely crafted bronze ornamentation

The artistic design of the bronze ornamentation takes place in collaboration with internationally renowned artists and architects. This successful cooperation makes every door, window and screen a real eye-catcher.

Fascinating geometric patterns, elaborate calligraphic elements and arabesques are among the popular ornaments of Islamic art. These elements are also part of our portfolio, as are the bronze Christian Orthodox figures of saints decorating the front doors of the Orthodox National Cathedral in Romania.

Doors, windows and screens with Islamic ornamentation

For sacred Islamic buildings, Strassacker Project, together with long-standing partners, has developed a sophisticated technology and appealing design for a series of doors, windows and screens in various shapes and designs.

Doors with Christian Orthodox icons and floral ornamentation

The artistic design of the entrance doors to the Christian Orthodox Romanian People's Salvation Cathedral reveals the full potential of traditional craftmanship. The sacred icons, inscriptions and floral ornamentation were created with great attention to detail.

Crosses with radiance

In addition to classic facade elements, Strassacker Project also offers roof crosses for sacred buildings in various designs and sizes.

    Their golden reflections visible from afar make the crosses memorable landmarks.

    The crosses are designed for

    • installation at great heights
    • extreme wind and weather conditions
    • earthquake stability

    High-quality cladding panels with individual patina

    Strassacker Project specialises in the production and machining of high-quality cladding panels. The patina is individually tailored to the facade to round off its appearance.

    A guarantee for the artistic elaboration of the patina is the vast experience of our specialists.

    The cladding panels are available in different styles (e.g. modern or antique) and can be precisely integrated into the facade.