Exclusive interior and exterior design

High-quality materials for luxurious objects

Design and art objects visually enhance not only the exterior but also the interior and guarantee a special living experience. The design possibilities are almost unlimited. Be inspired by our wide range of exclusive architectural elements.

For furnishing elegant villas, private residences, upscale residential complexes, luxury hotels and exclusive boutiques, we work together with architects, artists and designers who only use high-quality materials.

Contact us with your wishes, ideas or suggestions for a new project.

Elegant room design and intricate ornamentation

We find customised solutions for unusual objects and spaces. Our collections and individual designs meet the high demands of our customers in terms of form, function and quality.

We love challenges. In many cases, we set new standards. Artfully crafted bronze elements give your object that certain something. As a door decoration, decorative room divider, louvre (window or ventilation grille), side railing or ornamental wall decoration, they set special accents both inside and outside.

Elegant handrails and decorative side railings

Make a functional object into a real eye-catcher. For example, with an elegant handrail that fits your object perfectly.

Your business card: Exclusive collections for the entrance area

The entrance is the personal business card. The design of this area gives the visitor the first impression of the exclusive style of the object. The choice of suitable architectural elements underlines the individual character of the building.

With great attention to detail, Strassacker Project realises ambitious design concepts for door handles, letterboxes, intercoms, house numbers and various decorative door elements.

Door handles for interior and exterior doors

The door handle is the first contact when entering a room. The special surface finish of the bronze handle guarantees a pleasant feel and a timeless, classic or antique design.


The panels for the communication equipment at the entrance blend perfectly with the aesthetics of our collections. From the doorbell to the motion detector, we offer a wide selection of panels in various designs. The combination of modern technology and high-quality bronze plates with exclusive patina sets charming contrasts. Of course, we manufacture the panels exactly to your wishes.

Letterboxes and house numbers

We have customised solutions for your personal correspondence. They are unique, stylish and inviting. Our collections offer freestanding letterboxes and letterboxes that are attached to the facade. In addition, you will receive the house number in a matching design.

Lighting concepts for inside and outside

Whether it be in private or public spaces, lamps create atmospheres. A sophisticated design enhances the illumination. You have the choice between various designs. The discreet light of a hinted starry sky shines through a tasteful bronze dome, while the inviting light of a pillar of light pleasantly illuminates the entrance or the terrace.

Give your garden new accents with tasteful lights. Designs made of bronze, stainless steel and (optional) plastic form attractive light spots. With their unique patina, the lamps fit perfectly into any setting. Its fine surface structure creates a pleasant atmosphere and also elegantly highlights the lamps themselves.